The Life Desirows project continues to move forward. On February 20, a follow-up technical meeting was held in which the development status of the demonstration plant was verified.

LIFE DESIROWS (LIFE19 ENV/ES/00447) is a demonstration project to reduce first osmosis brine, crystallize salts, remove nitrates and recover water resources. All this using renewable energy.

The project, financed by the Life Program of the European Union, combines various technologies from an industrial perspective in order to minimize energy consumption.

The consortium is led by the company Regenera Levante and the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, the Arco Sur Irrigation Community, Hidrogea and Hidrotec also participate in it. Liquid Zero, for its acronym in English). Therefore, all the brine is recycled.

In addition, the project complies with the circular economy strategy as long as no waste is generated since it is proposed to reuse all the salts, the researchers point out.

The brine from the desalination of groundwater has a multitude of dissolved salts that, when properly separated, can be used, also allowing the generation of additional water resources.

The LIFE-DESIROWS project aims to recycle the brine by first eliminating the nitrates, recovering part of the less soluble salts for later use as fertilizers and allowing the rest of the salts to be used industrially.

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