A consortium of prestigious companies and research groups

The Life Desirows project (LIFE19 ENV / ES / 000447) is managed by a consortium led by the company Regenera and in which the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT), the Arco Sur Irrigation Community and other companies in the Region of Cartagena participate. Murcia with experience in this type of project such as Hidrogea and Hidrotec.



Founded in 2007, REGENERA is an Energy Services Company (ESCO), focused on energy efficiency, renewable energies and environmental protection. Its main lines of business are the following:

– Consulting and engineering services.

– Construction works in industrial environments. Energy efficiency and renewable energies.

– Environmental services and water cycle works.

Regarding operations and maintenance, the projects in which REGENERA participates are varied and include but are not limited to: energy audits, software control and modeling and software integration, including alarms and consumption alerts to ensure better control, especially in water treatment infrastructures.

Regarding renewable energy services, REGENERA designs, builds and installs solar thermal and photovoltaic energy, as well as audits of existing facilities. Within their environmental department, they stand out in the energy management of hydraulic infrastructures, through energy and thermal simulations, and the integration of renewable energies in many types of plants, ensuring both high efficiency and low environmental impact.

REGENERA also manages photovoltaic solar pumping projects for agriculture. Regarding industrial maintenance, its actions are focused on energy systems, also carrying out the installations and commissioning of this type of equipment, offering energy saving solutions and delivering the required construction activities. Its R + D + i department is focused on the development and participation in projects offering their services as experts in energy management, smart grids, water cycle, energy efficiency in buildings and specific financing models.




The Arco Sur Mar Menor Irrigation Community is a Public Law corporation established to collect and distribute irrigation water among its co-owners. The scarcity of water in its area of ​​influence makes it necessary to look for formulas that allow the integration of extra water from different sources. Their presence in this project is based on various environmental management actions that are necessary to reduce the contamination process of the aquifer, which include denitrification or specific training (towards the owners) in terms of good agricultural practices.

The Arco Sur Mar Menor Irrigation Community is legally constituted by Resolution of the Presidency of the CHS of 09/29/2003.

It is the concessionaire of the treated waters of the E.D.A.R. Mar Menor South. The territorial scope of the Arco Sur Mar Menor Irrigation Community is made up of 6 differentiated irrigation sectors called:

Sector 1 “El Sabinar-Cabo de Palos”

Sector 2 «Los Nietos-Playa Honda»

Sector 3 «Los Urrutias»

Sector 4 “El Beal”

Sector 5 “La Unión”

Sector 6 «El Hondón-Roche»

In total it comprises a gross area of ​​more than three thousand hectares




The Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) is a Spanish academic and public institution located in the city of Cartagena, in the Southeast of Spain. The UPCT is deeply involved in Research and development projects. This University is the main academic research center in agriculture, livestock, waste management and soil management in the Region of Murcia.

The UPCT Office for European Projects has extensive experience in EU projects.

The Research Groups involved in this project have extensive experience in the fields of integration of renewable energy sources, desalination processes, optimal irrigation and water analysis; as well as design of heat exchangers, evaporation and condensation processes, efficient use of energy, photovoltaic and thermal solar energy solutions.

A multidisciplinary team from the UPCT participates in Life Desirows. Specifically, the researchers Juan García Bermejo and Antonio Vigueras Rodríguez, from the School of Roads and Mines; Francisco Vera García, Ángel Molina García and María Socorro García Cascales, from the School of Industrial Engineering and Rafael Domingo Miguel, from the School of Agronomic Engineering. All of them with outstanding experience in the fields of electrical engineering, renewable energy, thermal and fluid engineering and water treatment.

The UPCT Technological Research Support Service and the research groups have adequate facilities and instrumentation for the proposed tasks in which they are involved. His technical and scientific experience will guarantee the successful implementation of the technical and analytical activities of the project, as well as the dissemination of the results to a specialized audience, students, technicians and the general public.




HIDROTEC TRATAMIENTO DE AGUAS, S.L. is a company focused on engineering, construction, maintenance and installation of equipment for water treatment using membrane technologies.

It especially develops desalination systems with reverse osmosis, micro / ultra / nanofiltration, separation of other compounds such as sugars based on their molecular weight, gas transfer, (O2 / CO2 elimination- carbonation / oxygenation) by means of membrane contactors or removal of selective ions using ion exchange resins such as boron or nitrates and contaminant adsorption equipment in drinking water treatment.

HIDROTEC provides comprehensive solutions to water problems, using the most innovative technologies and developing compact and transportable treatment plants.

HIDROTEC supplies modular installations fully assembled in compact racks that are easy to install and transport. They are perfectly suited to tight spaces as the sand filter module is physically separated from the osmosis frame. Designed to facilitate the actual maintenance work of the equipment and facilitate its operation. Programmed to work automatically, according to customer needs. Hidrotec’s maintenance team is capable of reacting and assisting quickly in the equipment installation facilities, in order to provide a proactive and effective service, either locally or abroad.

HIDROTEC staff is trained to face all the challenges that may arise in this type of facility. By working remotely with the engineering team, they can troubleshoot and repair all problems in the field, from mechanical or hydraulic to electronic or control. HIDROTEC will contribute its knowledge and experience in the design and construction of the demonstration plant.




HIDROGEA is a company in the environmental sector belonging to the SUEZ Spain Group, which manages the Integral Water Cycle in the Region of Murcia, supplying, together with its investee companies, a population of close to one million citizens in 13 municipalities and guaranteeing its quality and continuity of service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, preserving the ecological balance of nature in each of the phases in which it intervenes in the natural environment.

Hidrogea’s main activity is the collection, purification, distribution, maintenance of the sewage network, discharge control and the treatment of residual water in treatment plants (WWTP). The treated wastewater is used mainly for irrigation, although it can also be used in industrial processes and non-potable urban uses, such as watering parks, gardens and sports areas, or cleaning streets. In addition, it can be used to maintain the ecological level in rivers.

HIDROGEA, aware that all its activities must be carried out in a way that respects the environment, has implemented measures in its facilities to maximize energy efficiency, optimize resource consumption and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Hidrogea, together with its investee companies, develop strategic projects every year focused on improving the efficiency of processes, reducing energy consumption, requiring less consumption of resources, producing less waste, and even converting waste into resources ( biogas for energy production, purified water for irrigation, sludge as an amendment in agriculture, etc.). Innovation is carried out thanks to internal Know-How and in collaboration with the most prestigious research centers (CETENMA, CTC, CEBAS, CETaqua, etc.), universities (UPCT, UCAM, UMU, USC, etc.), administrations public (ESAMUR, INFO, CARM, etc.), as well as other companies. Highlighting the participation in different projects within important financing programs: H2020. LIFE, CDTI, RIS3Mur, etc.

The HIDROGEA staff participating in the LIFE DESIROWS project is made up of a multidisciplinary team of experts in different areas of the wastewater treatment area. It has the collaboration of Francisco Reyes, Director of Operations of Hidrogea in the Region, Eva Mª García, Plant Manager of the Mar Menor Sur treatment plant, Estefanía Menarguez, technician of the Department of Sanitation and R + D + i of Cartagena and Teresa Reyes Serna Coordinator of R + D + i projects at Hidrogea in the Region of Murcia. In addition, there are expert purification personnel in the areas of mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance, treatment plant operation and process control analysis.

HIDROGEA’s trajectory is made public each year through the Corporate Responsibility Report, which is available on the company’s website.

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